Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Very Few Thoughts on Podcasts and Blogs


Our topic this week is favorite podcasts and blogs we’d recommend.

I’m not a huge podcast person. I don’t get my information that way – I get restless and start feeling guilty that I should be doing something and before I know it, I’m off somewhere else while the podcaster talks to empty space where I was. Shrug. Even in school I had to take copious, detailed notes to make myself pay attention and not go off daydreaming. If there’s information I desperately need to retain, I do better consuming it in a written format.

I do listen to Jeffe’s First Cup of Coffee podcast on occasion. She and I are friends and I can sit still and listen to her and sip my tea while she drinks her coffee. She keeps my attention!

I used to like the one author Lindsay Buroker co-hosted, focused more on the business aspects of writing, but which is apparently no longer occurring. Shows you how up to date I am (not)!

When it comes to blogs, I think the world of blogging has slowed down and lost many contributors. I wouldn’t say I follow any blog regularly – except for SFF7 of course! – but I do like the Whiskey With My Book Blog.  Riley Moreland reviews a wide variety of books in my favorite genres (and others) and I’ve enjoyed many of her ’finds’.

I visit John Scalzi’s blog on occasion, Chuck Wendig’s, Gail Carriger’s, Pauline B. Jones’s…usually it’ll be an author I follow on social media who may have posted (or has a guest poster) on a topic that interests or intrigues me. I go and do a one-time read.  The Passive Voice is another place I visit occasionally, to read up on issues in publishing, but again, in response to seeing a post mentioned on social media.

I’m going to add a plug for one specific weekly post on my own blog – the curated roundup of New Releases I do for scifi romance, fantasy and fantasy romance, and paranormal. I also add in some time travel, cozy paranormal mysteries and other related genres. I usually have between 50-90+ books spanning these genres and it is – to my knowledge – the only place to find a weekly list of new releases in those genres only. I make a big effort to include indie authors and am committed to diversity and inclusion in my listings.

Each week I pick eight scifi romance covers to feature and eight fantasy/PNR/Other covers to feature in my social media.

Happy listening or reading or however you consume words!


  1. I was sorry they stopped doing the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast, too - especially since I was on the 3rd to last episode! :-O

    1. I was a guest a couple of times over the years and it was always so much fun! Thanks for filling in the name - I was dismayed when I realized I had no clue...