Thursday, February 13, 2020

Introducing...Wyoming Axe Works! (with a GIVEAWAY!)

(WY Axe Works' photo)

This week we get to give a shout-out to one of our favorite creatives! For me, the pick was easy because we have a lot of his hand-crafted items in our house. And I know he’s got something you can’t live without, so let me introduce you to: Josh from Wyoming Axe Works! 

I can’t sit down and do an online interview without pouring a drink, blame my years at Reading Between the Wines Book Club, so I’ve got some Bulleit Bourbon today. Don’t worry, Josh, I’ll convert you from whiskey. Because there’s nothing like hearing a tale over a glass of something! So, let’s start with what got you into axes?

WY Axe: thanks Alexia, first off, while I do like whiskey, Bulleit Rye is my go-to.

Growing up in close proximity of the woods, and in a house heated with wood, I've always sorta been around axes. In middle school, me and a couple friends built a small cabin in the forest, where we used to camp and squirrel hunt, and show out excellent marksmanship by splitting .22 bullets on double bit axes stuck in stumps. But my real interest came around through timbersports  in college, while completing my forestry degree at University of Montana. The experience competing introduced the technique as well as some of the history. Along those same lines, the history of logging and traditional tools are a big interest of mine.

Alexia: Side-note: everyone, if you don’t follow @wyoming_axe_works on Insta, you really should. Josh finds pictures from the 1800’s and narrates them with historical facts and/or incredibly funny quips.

Alexia: Your axes are amazing, but as impressive as they are, I actually have more of your leather goods. And I’m a HUGE FAN! I bought this computer bag for my husband and I can’t begin to describe how beautiful the leather is in person. This bag gets noticed, at work and while he travels. Getting one for myself is next on my WY Axe Works wish list. So, Josh, was it a wish list from your wife that got you into the leather goods?

WY Axe: Leather was just the natural progression in my axe business, when they're so sharp it's just dangerous to have them uncovered; so sheaths were the starting point. Since then, the leather portion of my business fas grown to about 70% of my business.

Alexia: What’s your favorite item to make right now?

WY Axe: In general, my favorite projects are the ones custom designed for a customer- the creativity and pattern design is really enjoyable. I've made several belts; dozens of bags, purses and totes, wallets, knife rolls, etc. I've also been commissioned to make some entertaining items over the years, like handcuffs, collars, and chokers. Projects like those keep things interesting.

Alexia: Yeah, with stuff like that you gotta watch out for friends that fall in love with everything and want to take it home! Though, I do think everyone should own an axe. Readers, I hear some of you say you don’t chop wood. No problem! They make great home decor and if you have dating teenagers, they’re sharp enough to circumcise a gnat! Or at least take a little bit off the knee-cap. But seriously, Josh’s leatherwork is amazing and if you need a wallet, purse, bag, stethoscope holder, belt, camera strap, belt pouch you can find them or any of the other stellar items on his website.

WY Axe: here's a few! 

Alexia: Thanks for joining me for a sip, Josh! Cheers to letting the imagination wander and creating!

WY Axe: Thanks again!

Josh and I are teaming up to offer a GIVEAWAY: One reader will win $40 to Wyoming Axe Works! Enter in the Rafflecopter below, good luck! 

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  1. I like that bag :D ALso great background :D

    1. Isn't it awesome!! And Wyoming is so photogenic ;)

  2. Love the suspenders, it's great to see fellow Wyomingites doing well.

    1. Josh' is making sure WY can hold you up, carry you, and chop down whatever's in your path!