Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bagorn the Betrayer

In dubious honor of the Ides of March, we're outing our most villainous characters--either the ones we've written or the ones we love to hate that someone else has written.

My most evil, hateful, and malicious villain? Larco Bagorn from LARCOUT. He's king of the country by right of birth. A member of the order of Dark Minds, he is a Memory Maker. With one touch, with the power to see people's pasts and change them with just one touch. He has zero guilt or hesitation to use his gift. His top 5 most dastardly deeds:

  1. He stole the love of his brother's life and his brother's kid, claiming them as his own. Changed his brother's memories of said love and child, so his brother believes they are the king's.  
  2. Had the general of his military rape his wife to beget another heir, erased the general's memory, but made the wife keep hers. 
  3. Alters the memories of nobles and advisors to set them at odds, thus fomenting rebellions then executing everyone associated. 
  4. Closed his nation's borders to create scarcity, to turn the helot class against the nobility, and to turn the nobility against each other.
  5. Personal Plot Goal: To destroy the nation he rules because they wouldn't let him love the man he loved.
Power is a dangerous thing, especially when no one can call you to account...until the hero shows up.

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