Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Politics of Writing

I struggled with this post. I don't publicly do' politics,as in the US political system and the varied views within it. I tried to craft a post about the politics OF writing, of getting published despite not having the right bits to join the "good ol' boys' club."  I considered the changing face of conventions --specifically their harassment policies. Neither of those topics are ones I feel are my forte. I have opinions, I have stories/experiences, but they are mine and what points are there to prove are also mine.

So...I read a lot of blogs, partially read even more blogs, and rolled my eyes at an enormous amount of things that showed up in my various search results.

I found these interesting enough to share for the sake of consideration:

On the topic of race, I offer for your perusal this blog post written by Robyn McGee:

On the topic of gender, I offer for your perusal this blog post written by Michele Willens:

On the topic of religion, I offer for your perusal this wikipedia page: 

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