Sunday, October 2, 2016

Where I Do My Best Writing

Our topic this week, as the post title implies, is where we do our best writing.

Mine is, as always, at my treadmill desk.

Sometimes I mix it up, especially now that I write full time. If I'm tired of being at home, I'll go to The Teahouse, where they give me amazing tea and let me sit for hours in peace. Sometimes I sit outside.

But, when all is said and done, I write best as I'm walking, in my lovely office with the great view. this is what it looks like when I'm standing at my desk, as I type this.
Those are the Ortiz Mountains at the front, with rounded Sandia Peak to the right and behind, and the sweep of Galisteo Basin between.

In 2015, I walked 1,235 miles on my treadmill and wrote 564,847 words. That's about 458 words/mile, which seems pretty cool to me. I set the goal of 1,500 miles this year and have (as of today) already hit 1,785.

Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, I really can type while I walk. I'm walking at 1.0 mph as I type this.

I walk anywhere from 0.5 mph to 2.2 mph.

I average 6.5 miles/day, figured over the year.

I got my hydraulic desk from Geek Desk and the treadmill from TreadDesk. Both have been great on my very rare service issues. Considering I've had this set up coming on four years, that's pretty great!

Love it! Best investment I ever made.