Monday, September 14, 2020

Which scenes are better? The Easy Ones or the Hard Ones?

 That's a fruit that can be cut a hundred different ways. 

Easy scenes are better, because writing them was EASY. I mean, come on, people, easy is always preferred.

Hard Scenes are better, because, damn it, you draw emotional blood and use that to pen your words and heartfelt emotions. 

See? entirely different slices and different answers, but at the end of the day, I have to agree with Jeffe. I can't tell the difference four months later. I can't look back and KNOW for certain if a scene was easy or difficult. There are a few exceptions, but only a few. 

It's about discipline for me. I write every day. (Excusing illnesses like that annoying bout of cancer that knocked me off my writing horse for half a year and left me crawling in the dirt for another four months.)

It's rather like being a runner. After a while, you build up mental muscles and it all SEEMS easier because you've learned to muscle through the hard stuff. That's why I write EVERY DAY. Its how I build up the muscles. I may not be able to run a marathon, but, kids, even after that cancer thing, when I got back on my feet, I was writing faster than most writers I know.

So I'm afraid I can't really answer this question for y9u. It's all about the same for me. 

The Season of the Witch is on the way, and I'm in a Halloween mood. So here are

the covers for my Halloween collection of stories, and for my Halloween Novel. Both by the amazing Dan Brereton.