Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Your ears can't handle this backlist

This week at SFF Seven, we're highlighting books from our backlist. When I read that topic I was like, "um, what is this backlist you speak of?" Because I have a grand total of two books out. Two.

Wanted and Wired and Perfect Gravity are both sexy cyberpunk romances--I mean, if you like that sort of thing, right--and for the last two years about all I've done is promote them. Constantly. On multiple social media platforms. Until your ears bled. (Sorry, ears.)

So in the interests of vulnerable ears everywhere, I won't bemoan the subject. These are the books. If you haven't given them a look-see and think you might be interested*, I'd love your eyeballs. Either way, your ears can get a break for once.

*(May contain more than one of the following: sex-positive, all-about-consent relationships |  found family | sarcastic, genetically altered cats | nerdy, idealistic supergeniuses | villains with fabulous hair | submarines | space-stations | supercars | sassy AI sidekicks | nanorobotic faeries | futuristic postapocalyptic tacos)

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