Friday, February 8, 2019

Who Influences My Writing. I Hope.

Thursday was neuter day for the boy cats. I've had 3 drunk kittens on my hands. It turns out that drunk kittens do not simply drink water. They stand IN the water dishes and start digging. This lead to an inch of water in the bathroom, a sodden kitchen counter, and three kittens dripping water from their bellies down. I'm have no idea what was in the pain meds the vet gave them, but I want some.

Oh. Right. I was supposed to tell you about the influences on my writing, not hallucinating kittens. None of these authors will be a surprise to anyone. I've mentioned them all before. As I look across the list, though, maybe this is my wishful thinking list. These are the people I'd like to have influencing my writing, because in each case, I love the turns of phrase. I adore the images these writers create. Certainly, I'm reading modern authors whose work with words makes me swoon, but it's probably early to claim they influence me as a writer just yet. So my no-surprise-to-anyone list of influencers:

1. Andre Norton
2. Charles de Lint
3. Robin McKinley
4. H.M. Hoover
5. Arthur C. Clarke

Andre Norton was my first book love - the one where I read a single story of hers and I was hooked and had to hunt down everything she'd ever written. I'm still looking for the westerns.

Charles de Lint writes words the way I imagine most people write music. I love the way his words go together. I can't figure out if it's painterly or musical or both. I just love his facility with the language.

Robin McKinley makes me love her worlds and her characters. It's no secret that Sunshine is one of my desert isle books.

H.M. Hoover - how do I explain this one. H.M. Hoover wrote kids books. These books are pretty damned dark. But to this day, despite my age, H.M. Hoover's writing makes me identify with a 10 year old heroine every single time.

Arthur C. Clarke - I love the themes in his work. Always have. The stories go together in a way that feels so effortless. Complex ideas and descriptions slid down so easily. I love getting to the end of one of his stories, my head whirling, and wonder how I got from page 1 to The End.

I guess the common theme is that these are people who write books that stay with me. In every case, the stories stuck with me not just for days, but for decades. These are the books that I kept in storage during the boat years, and then paid to haul across the continent when we moved. I can walk into my office right now and put my hands on books by each of these people. That's what I aspire to be. So yeah. This is my man-I-want-to-be-like-them list of authors who I hope influence my writing.

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