Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jeffe's Most Difficult Character - Not Who You Think?

So, if you missed it on Friday, we finally had the cover reveal for THE ORCHID THRONE

This is the first book in a new trilogy I'm doing with St. Martin's Press. Totally new world, totally new series. My editor there, Jennie Conway, called it:

the magical feminist fantasy romance I've always wanted 😍

Which is now my new favorite tag line ever. You can read more (and preorder!) here. It comes out September 24, 2019. 

Our topic at the SFF Seven this week is: Your most difficult character to have written and why. 

This question stumped me. I even asked Assistant Carien what she thought, since she often listens to me whine about these things. She offered a few suggestions, that just didn't "sound" right to me. So, then I went and looked at my publication list.

Yes, I totally use my website to remind myself of my own books, what of it?

Looking over that list, a couple of books stood out. Ones that just didn't come out the way I envisioned when I started. Ones that I'd rewrite, if I could. 

And one heroine, in particular, that I just never felt I really got into her head. 


The book is a contemporary romance, so I haven't talked about it much here at the SFF Seven. But, people, I rewrote this book SO MANY TIMES. And though the heroine, Ava, was clear to me from the start - in fact, she was one of those characters who plagued me to write her story - I never felt I really got a handle on her. I don't know if I could say why. It could be because she was inspired by a real life person (or, rather, a blend of several) and therefore I couldn't find my way into her head in the same way.

It could be because Ava is simply a very complex person, with many layers and secrets, and she's become adept over time at keeping everyone out. Even me.

I could be I'd have to write more of her to really crack that nut. 



  1. I would totally not have guessed that!
    I love Ava and Joe so much! Hmm... Maybe that should be my reread.

    1. And you can tell me if I'm wrong! It's hard for me to figure it in retrospect...

  2. I had trouble reading that book. I'm due to try again-- maybe this info will help. Normally, I adore your books, and I did love the character descriptions at the beginning. She actually was reminding me of many of my teenage students. BTW, The Orchid Throne description is very intriguing.

    1. Yeah... I tried a number of beginnings and couldn't quite find the one that worked. But she IS young - both chronologically and frozen in the normal maturation.

      Glad The Orchid Throne intrigues!

  3. Oh Ava, she just didn't want you to get into her head and you know she's stubborn enough and strong enough to stop you. ;)

    SO EXCITED FOR THE ORCHID THRONE!!!!! AHHH!!! I just pre-ordered it, expected shipping date Sept 24th....sigh.

    1. This is a legit observation on Ava - and this whole conversation is seriously making me want to try again!

      And yay on excite for THE ORCHID THRONE! And I know on that release date. At least the trad pub schedules make my indie pub lapses look better?

    2. Oh, their schedules so do. It'll be agony to wait for my copy, but on the plus side, one day it will suddenly be in my mailbox! *confetti*

      Wait, try again? To crack Ava or write another rock-star romance?

    3. To crack Ava. A sequel, maybe... It was always about her, not writing a Rockstar romance

      No, no - I'd finish Missed Connections first.