Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Dear WiP: I Don't Love You Anymore

On My Mind This Week: Falling Out of Love w/ the WiP

I'm breaking up with my WiP. Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that. Soon, for sure. You see, I don't love it anymore. Our interactions are contentious. We spend a lot of time glaring and snarling at each other. Words written are words erased. Progress is ephemeral. We're not gaining anything from this relationship. When we started this adventure, we had shared goals, attainable milestones, and bright dreams of success. Now, key dates have flown past in silent swiftness as we endure another day of each other's presence. Outlines have burned to ashes, their mocking laughter drowned out by our mutual derision. I've given you space to work out your issues, yet you insist the fault is solely mine. 

I can't continue like this. 

We're breaking up.

Once we finish this chapter.

We're through after this.

Or maybe the next one. 

I mean it. 

Just one more chapter.

No, really.