Thursday, August 25, 2022

Making Things Grow

Alexia, wearing a pink and cream sundress, standing in the middle of a blooming garden with a large, green watermelon in her arms and her black and white Siberian husky at her feet looking up at her

Jeffe had a great post yesterday, check it out. She talked about the need to have a creative outlet not connected to the job of writing—and I completely agree with that! 

Writing started out as my creative outlet, but when it morphed into a job I began gardening. 

In a way, gardening is a lot like writing. I love starting plants from seeds. Itty bitty ones, curvy pods, large seeds, sharp seeds, and everything in between! Much like the first story idea transforms into a full grown novel, the seeds look nothing like the plants they make. 

a yellow petaled okra flower surrounded by burgundy leaves
Gardening has become quite the obsession actually. I pour over seed catalogues and want to try all of the new varieties and plants I see. I’ll never have enough plants and am happily noting what I like and what I’ll pass on growing again…at least for now. And as I’m gardening, hands deep in the soil, my brain meanders and explores new worlds. I can’t tell you how many plot hole epiphanies I’ve had in the middle of my garden! 

So when I can’t make words, I go check on my plants. When my brain is fried from stringing together too many words, I watch the bees buzz around my flowers. And when an idea strikes me, I reach into my garden bag and grab my notebook. 

A match made in heaven. 

What do you make when you’re not making words?