Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Hobby of Mess Making

 The Hobby: What Do I Make When Not Making Words?

Messes. Lots of messes. Usually in a quest to reorganize All The Things. I will go through short-lived frenzies of purging the basura accumulated with crafting or upcycling intentions but zero executions (both my own intentions and the intentions of previous generations). Now and again, I'll repaint rooms and refresh furnishings as part of clearing the clutter. 

Why would I make messes (then clean them up)? Satisfaction. Visual satisfaction. Writing is such a long process with a small 5"x8" end result that sometimes the excitement of releasing the book isn't as WHEEEE as the soul needs it to be. Lightening my physical presence in the world is calming. I'm past the life stage of accumulation and am ruefully paying consequences in the minimizing phase. I must say, I was excellent at accumulating stuff. Damnit. So, I've got plenty of soul-lifting opportunities whenever I'm not writing. 

Ignores sounds of eldritch spawning coming from the basement.