Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Regularity and Writing

 Work Ethic: What Do I Do To Keep Myself Balanced and Writing Regularly?


I am a hardcore creature of habit. I get instantly pissy if the ritual of my day is disrupted. According to my astrology report, my Ruling House is the 6th House of Routine. Clearly, the Universe supports my dedication to Constancy. SSDD is such a profound part of my life that the rare instances of deviation send my dog into fits of anxiety. I am that committed to regularity.

Possibly to the point of detriment. 

Before this deviates too far into sounding like a fiber supplement commercial, I reluctantly confess the rut of being too regimented is real. Sadly, it shows up as epic Work Avoidance that shatters any hope of hitting milestones on schedule. Ironic, no? A person of routine not being able to stick to a schedule? Thus, it's imperative that I set aside time to be atypical. It's one part refilling the well of creativity and another part reconnecting to relationships that matter. For me, a day here or there isn't sufficient to achieve balance. I have to take a long break. Usually a month, sometimes two, of stepping fully away from writing. 

Yes, I schedule my breaks in big chunks because when I am playing in the creative morass, it is for months at a time. Thus, balance for me, cannot be achieved in hours or days. After all, I am a very delicate flower...

...full of fiber.