Saturday, December 12, 2020

CHRISTMAS PRESENT by Kim Fielding Is a Holiday Joy to Read

Our topic this week is to promote something we’ve written or a book by someone else. My new novel won’t be out for another week or so (and I don’t do pre-orders because they stress me out) soooo, let me share one of my favorite holiday fantasy novellas, CHRISTMAS PRESENT by Kim Fielding, released in 2019. I re-read it when I need a happy little pick-me-up. It’s a very charming story and quite different. Heart warming.

The blurb: A modern gay-romance twist on Dickens.

Lewis loves his holiday job. As the Ghost of Christmas Present, he guides people to improve their lives. Sure, he’s a little lonely at home in Minnesota, but Fezziwig the cat keeps him company.

When Lewis is spirited to California one Christmas Eve, he meets Sammy, an ex-lawyer who seems to already have his life in order. Lewis and Sammy share Korean fried chicken and a brief fling, but distance and career obligations appear destined to thwart anything permanent.

Maybe this year, Lewis is due for a special gift of his own.

Ms. Fielding writes an ongoing gritty M/M Urban Fantasy series entitled The Bureau, as well as other standalone novels and I really enjoy those stories, but there’s something so special about the contemporary holiday romance short reads she does.

I first discovered her books when I was assigned to judge  THE LITTLE LIBRARY a few years ago for a now defunct contest. I loved it and immediately went in search of all her other books. Lots of good reading to be had.

They say to go with your first answer and as soon as I read this week's topic, her book came to mind, so let me wish you a peaceful and safe holiday season and happy reading!


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