Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Three Artists Whose Works are My Current Obsession

Three Artists Whose Works are My Current Obsession:

Candy Cane Dragon by Rebecca Golins

1. Rebecca Golins of Dragons & Beasties
I've got a thing for dragons. When they're cute, I have no willpower. From coffee mugs to t-shirts to greeting cards, I have a whole lot of Becca Golins's dragons brightening up my days. I discovered her work on Redbubble, which led me to her Facebook page and then to her website.

Dance with the Devil by Abigail Larson

2. Abigail Larson
Winner of the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Pro Artist, Abigail Larson's fantastically macabre works caught my eye on Twitter. Since then, I've been trying to convince myself that curtains from her Society6 store showing her demons and devils series are too indulgent. For now, I'll have to content myself with her Court of the Dead card game.

Black Dragon by Sandara

Feeding my dichotomous needs for works cute and menacing, artist Sandara's creations are inspiration pieces for one of my high fantasy series. Her dragons on DeviantArt got me hooked on the variety of illustrations she does. From dragons to angels to anthropomorphic forest creatures, Sandara doesn't stick to one style, but she is firmly in the fantasy genre. Skinning my laptop in with the black dragon from her Society6 store wasn't enough, I had to decorate my sister's tech too. Fairys riding Corgis, anyone?