Thursday, December 17, 2020

my favorite things...aren't things


Alexia, with a black and red Underarmor backpack and mug and Coffee thermos, heading into the pine tree woods for a day of writing.

It’s the holidays and Christmas is approaching…so I’m going to get sentimental on you all today. 

This week we’re picking our three favorites. I have a lot of favorites. Favorite champagne: Le Mesnil, favorite pie: peach, favorite book: wait—I can’t answer that because there’s too many! But this year when I think of my favorites, the only thing that comes to mind is what really matters most. And they’re not things. 

My favorites are my family. No matter which direction I’m going, or where I’m hiking off to, I know they’re always behind me. 

A kitchen table with a collection of bourbon bottles, wine glass, and plastic cups that are numbered for the bourbon tasting.
My favorites are my friends. The right ones know when I need a call or a friendly message. They know how to pick me up and they’re always down for a bourbon tasting evening. They’re worth more than their weight in gold.

My favorite is my pup, Ullr. Being loved unconditionally is a difficult thing to grasp, especially when your own sense of self worth and success are strained. So having a physical reminder, every day, of that kind of love in the form of a fluffy fur-ball is amazing. 

Ullr the Husky Pup leaping through evergreen ground cover.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?