Saturday, December 26, 2020

Veronica Waves Farewell to the SFF7 Saturday


This is my last post here as a regular blogger. I've had a wonderful time being a member of the blog over the years and I love my fellow authors. It's a great crew!

But I've decided to simplify my life for 2021 and to concentrate my time in a more focussed fashion on things to do with scifi romance. I'll still write posts for my own blog, for the AMAZING STORIES magazine blog and for the Roswell Daily Record newspaper. Not to mention continuing to write my scifi romance novels, ancient Egyptian paranormals and a few fantasy romances!

For my other platforms, I self-generate what I'm going to write about and pretty much blog on my own schedule if I feel inspired to cover some topic or the other. Or to not post...

I post a weekly snippet from my latest release on the weekends on my blog and a weekly New Releases Report for scifi romance/fantasy/paranormal romance on Wednesdays, which is a lot of work to do but fun. Readers tell me they find a lot of new-to-them authors and books to try every week, so I think it's a good way for me to support my favorite genres. I usually have 50-100 new books in the various genres (in which I also include time travel romance, steampunk and cozy paranormal mysteries) to list. I do a LOT of one clicking myself while I'm preparing the report every week. Here's the link to last week's post, if you haven't sampled the report.

So my focus has really shifted away from 'general' blogging these past few years and I think it's time to step aside and give someone else a chance to provide a fresh voice here.

I'll miss the SFF7 readers, and the camaraderie of this tight little group of authors but I'll stop by the read the posts and tweet them out...

Sending everyone my very best wishes for a much better 2021! Happy New Year!