Monday, December 14, 2020

Top Three..

 This week's topic is the Top Three Subject of your choice. ,]My subject? The top three things I'm working on right now.

Well. first, I just turned in Book Five of the Seven Forges series.  The tentative title, staying unless the publishers want it changed, is THE GODLESS. As soon as I can, I'll be starting book six of the series. 

Second up on the list of projects, I need to continue my collaborative novel with Charles R. Rutledge, THE TOURISTS' GUIDE TO HAUNTED WELLMAN. I'm enjoying the heck out if this project, as I virtually always enjoy working with Charles. It's a fun book and should be ready for release by October of next year. that sounds like a lot of time. It's really not. First thing I learned: There's never enough time. 

Third up, there's my collaborative novella with Christopher Golden. The third and final book in our BLOODSTAINED series, BLOODSTAINED NEVERLAND. We've already started, but we're nowhere near finished. As that one finishes the series, we need to wrap up a lot. And, of course, we're doing this with other projects going.

What other projects?  Well, in addition to what I've already mentioned, there's the short story promotional piece(s) that I'm writing to go with THE GODLESS, there are a few books to read for possible blurbs, there's the move. Yes, I'm moving. the truck should be here in two days and I've only just started packing my insanely crowded office. 

There are a  dozen more short stories I want to write, a novel proposal, a series proposal, a few things I need to edit for possible rerelease...

And somewhere along the way, I'd like a little downtime, but with the move going g on, the holidays right here and starting at a different Starbucks location in my near future, I'm kind of busy...

I hope you're all having amazing holidays!

Keep smiling,