Wednesday, July 1, 2020

As 2020 says, Hold my beer

Ask anyone and they'll likely tell you 2020 is the most whacked, chaos-filled, if-a-zombie-apocalypse-is-gonna-happen-this-is-the-time-for-it year in the history of humans keeping track of years. We've had pandemic, market collapse, quarantine, toilet paper shortages, proof of UFOs, racial justice uprisings, murder hornets, earthquakes, wildfires, weird early-season North Atlantic tropical storms, and remote learning. If somebody pitched 2020 as a story idea, nobody would buy this crap.

My brain is much like the world in 2020.

As a result, when a topic like "whatever is on your mind" comes up, I have no idea what to tell you. So, here's what I'm thinking, in no particular order:

- The Hamilton livestream on Disney+ is gonna have to save the July 4th holiday this year. That's a lot of pressure for a musical.

- The books I'm reading (KU) and listening to (audiobook) right now are both about terrible people being terrible to each other, and I just can't with that anymore. Need to take a step back from all the negativity, no matter how good the writing is. Plz rec reading material that will bring extreme joy.

- Gillian Anderson in 1996 was luminously beautiful. Consider my crush revived. The fam and I are rewatching all of X-Files, and that's one thing that really stuck out to me. Also how unrelentingly white the cast is.

- I'm writing a story right now that's best described as badass Mary Poppins in space, and I luff her. It. Them. Whatever.

- Why is it taking so long for BioWare to give me Dragon Age 4?

- I wouldn't call myself a farmer, per se, but man, the oregano, mint, and strawberries are having all the parties in my back yard. I'm sure there's a cocktail in that.

- Shh, politics. See above: terrible people being terrible physically hurts. Stop it.

- My high school bestie created an art installation to honor the Black folks killed while in police custody in the U.S. I helped a little, and ooof. All those names were people. God. Click here to see what 1,960 looks like.

-  We're getting a taste of this right now with the masks, but what if we had to wear full pressure suits and helmets every time we went out of our houses? Would physical beauty cease to be the thing that makes people notice each other? Or would we have to develop actual personalities and/or talents? Would we sell advertising space on our oxygen tanks? Could we broadcast our voices to each other with backing soundtracks?

- Why don't my dogs go hoarse when they bark for hours on end?

- What can I do with the 17 bananas accidentally purchased via curbside oops? Have made banana bread, smoothies, banana-and-Nutella hors d'oeuvres, and squashed up banana with blue sugar sprinkles. Ideas welcome.

 - This is probably the best time in history to be an introvert. Parts of me are really digging the solitude, but also there isn't much solitude in a little house with three other people extroverts and some pets.

- I think my car misses me. Might take her for a drive around the neighborhood later.

- I miss reality, but I think it's broken right now. The sign says, Come Back Later. Maybe in 2021.

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