Saturday, July 11, 2020

Live and Let Live on Fiction Tropes


Our topic at the SFF Seven this week is "Sex on the Beach & Sand in the Wrong Places: What's your favorite bit of pop-culture fiction doesn't work well in reality?"

I’m kind of a live and let live person. I don’t over analyze tropes or fictional conventions and if there’s something I personally don’t like, I just don’t read it. There will probably be many other people who do like brother’s-best-friend-the-bully-at-the-elves-prison-joining-a-reverse-harem-before-heroine-saves-the-universe. More power to them, enjoy the book and I’ll be over here reading something else. And maybe tomorrow I’ll be in the mood for some of that insane RH prison break romance. You never know.

Which is a long winded way to say I have nothing to say on the week’s topic. Oh, I can think of all kinds of things they do all the time in movies, TV and best sellers (and non-best sellers) that your average person would never be able to pull off but why ruin the fun? It’s FICTION. It’s escapism. It’s yes, if I am ever trapped on a speeding bus with a bomb and my driver’s license was suspended I WILL still drive the thing over a broken freeway ramp through the air like a lumbering whale gone airborne and go home with Keanu Reeves, thank you very much. Or if I find myself in an abandoned, shot up complex on a nasty mining colony planet, I’ll escape the Alien Queen’s hordes, shoot the place up and fly off with Michael Biehn.

I’d probably never do a Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise though. Just sayin’.

Also there’s this – humans are capable of amazing things in reality when push comes to shove and the chips are down. I think we all need some happy, hopeful fiction, especially right now, to take us out of our daily lives full of…well you know what it’s full of right now…and off to a place where anything is possible and a happy ending is guaranteed. (Being a romance reader…)

Hey, I have a new release this week!
Proud enforcer of the Badari South Seas pack, Ivokk undertakes a secret mission back to their former home, in search of a cure for a mysterious illness affecting his soldiers, now in exile in the north. He’s ready to make any sacrifice to find the answer and help his pack brothers stay strong. He’s even willing to accept responsibility for the human woman assigned to the mission, although she’s a headstrong civilian, difficult and rumored to dislike his kind.

Sandara DiFerria was once a three star chef in the Sectors, but that was before the alien enemy kidnapped the entire adult population of her colony to use for experimentation. Rescued from the labs by the Badari, she does her part to support the rebellion now by running the vast commissary operation in Sanctuary Valley. All she asks is to be left alone until she can get back to the Sectors and pick up her old life again. Her one previous romantic brush with a Badari soldier turned out badly, ending in public humiliation. Add to that post-traumatic stress from her life before moving to the colony and she’s the last person to pick for a top secret mission. Or so she believes.

The Alpha running the pack disagrees and sends her to do the job under Ivokk’s watchful eye. Thrown together by the nature of the task they must undertake, the undeniable attraction they both feel grows. Will the dark secrets of Sandara’s hidden past create an insurmountable barrier between them? Can Ivokk and the tempestuous human chef find the answer to the Badari illness in time? Or will the elements and the enemy bring disaster?

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