Thursday, July 2, 2020

The World Needs Hope

Let’s see…let’s see, what’s been on my mind? Honestly, not a lot because the world’s a dumpster fire and I’ve been fighting a bug. Naps and tea are my friend. 

Since writing’s difficult right now I’ve been trying to get some reading in. There are a lot of books out that were written to shed light on the misdeeds of mankind, the horrors we commit against one another, the real, honest side of life. And while I agree that it’s important to have stories that reflect our pain and suffering, I believe it’s even more important for our stories to have hope. 

I believe you reap what you sow, that you get back what you put in, and that every story changes a person. 

In real life it’s not always easy to choose kindness and positivity. I fail at times, and when I fall short I tell myself to do better next time. But what about our writing? What are we saying with our words?

I want to both read and write about the kind of hope that’s prevalent in the Lord of the Rings and Salvation Day by Kali Wallace. In LotR, Frodo’s surrounded by a group of varied individuals that come together because they share the same hope; to free Middle Earth from Sauron’s rule and therefore ensure freewill for all. In Salvation Day, enemies must come together because they know if they fail, space won’t be big enough to protect mankind. 

Fantasy, sci-fi, it doesn’t matter what genre, what matters is the message we put out there. Is there hope for the present? Is there hope for the future? Is there faith in something bigger than ourselves?

Hope can surprise you, can be stronger than first appears, and can redeem us. That’s what I want to put out into the world, hope.  

I want people to look up to the sun. I want people to see the beautiful fighting for space between the darkness. I want people to read my stories and be uplifted…by hope. 

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