Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Let the Music Shake Your Creative Soul

What other media refills my creative well? Books, movies/TV, music, illustrations/art, international news...really, not much doesn't. Inspiration is everywhere you want to see it.

If I'm stuck, though, or I can't crawl into the right mental place to make progress...or I'm just full of the I can't whines and snivels? It's music for the quick fix. Great songwriters will compress an amazing story into ~3 minutes. Better ones will set that story against music that pulls, shoves, and trips you. My go-to genre is the multi-headed beast known as Rock and it's many subgenres. Bombasts to ballads, load up my playlist with blues, punk, alt, goth, glam, or whatever some marketing dept wants to call it.  I want drums, bass, and guitar working together to make me feel and a vocalist who cracks open a door to world of possibilities. 

Give me a song that shakes the windows and my soul, and I'll give you a fantastical story.